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Castle Siege Basics

  • There will be only one (1) castle for each server cluster. (ex: 1 castle for Titan and another one for Bahr)
  • Move to Lorencia (239, 13) to enter the Loren Canyon
  • There are no restrictions for entering Loren canyon.
  • Loren canyon is a PVP enabled area.
  • During Seige you can attack other participants without pressing Ctrl.
  • No items that should drop from resulting PK status will drop from particiapants during the seige event.

Siege Participants Requirements

  • A participating guild must have a Guildmaster with at least 200 levels (regardless of class)
  • A participating guild must have at least 20 members in their guild.
  • Participating guilds are required to have an ally to be able to successfully use the castle features.*
  • Other guilds and characters can participate in the siege as a neutral parties but they cannot win the castle.
  • If the guild that owns the castle disbands, they will lose ownership of the castle
  • Only 3 guilds + allies can join the siege*

Siege Participants Requirements



  Guild Registration period : Monday 6:00am ~ Wednesday 11:59pm
  Truce Period: Thursday 12mn ~ Thursday 6:00am
  Registration period for Mark of Lord: Thursday 6:00am ~ Friday 6:00pm
  Announcement :Friday 7:00pm ~ Saturday 6:00am
  Castle Preparation : Saturday 6:00am ~ Saturday 11:00pm
  Siege Warfare : Sunday 6:00pm ~ 9:00pm

How to register for a siege

  • Qualified guilds must talk to the Guardsman NPC and press the "Announce" button and their registration will be accepted.
    • Only the guild master of the main alliance can announce intent to siege to the guardsman NPC.
  • Any guild members of the guilds that have announced intent to seige can submit a Mark of Lord during the registration period.
  • When the guardsman NPC is clicked, the guild name and allied guilds names rankings will show on the registry.
  • When the guard NPC is clicked Siege status information will be shown.
  • Only the top 3 guilds and their allies will be given a priority for the siege
Guard NPC
Castle Siege Status Info

Computation for registration rank:

Registration Ranking = ((Number of registered Mark of Lord * 5) + Number of Guild Members) + Level of Guild master /4

Siege Status
Truce Period Starts from the end of siege till the start of the next siege alliances can only be fored during this time
Siege Registration Announcement Time for guilds to announce thier intentions to attack the castle
Registration period Time to bid for the top 3 slots for the siege by using Maks of Lord to enchance their ranking
Announcement of Qualified Siegers Announces guilds that have been accepted into the guild siege.
Seige Start Starting time for siege

* Note: Players can get a Mark of Lord through hunting any monsters.

Siege Battle Basics

When the guild of a registrant is selected, the invading team and their allies will have a sword icon and defending and their allies will have a shield icon.

  • PK penalty do not apply between the guilds of the invading and defending team.
  • The above condition is applicable to the loren canyon only
  • PK penalty will not be applied to both invading team and defending teams but will be applicable to other characters who are not participants.
  • The Guild Masters will have a crown mark on the top instead of sword or shield mark.
  • Neutral characters will not be marked as attackers or defenders.
  • Guild registration/withdrawal during the battle is not allowed.

Siege Players

  • The invading team will have a sword icon and the defending team will have a shield on top of their character.
  • The guild master will have a crown icon instead of sword or shield. (A blue crown for the defending team and a red one for invading team)
  • Neutral character can attack while pressing [CTRL].
Guild Master for Invading team
Guild Master for Defending team
Guild Member for Invading team
Guild Member for Defending team


  1. Basic Policy and Winning condition
    • The union under the invading/defending team will automatically included to each invading/defending team.
    • Attacking own troops is only possible by pressing Ctrl key.
    • Range attack can give 80% reduced damage to the own troops and 60% reduced damage for the other troops.
    • To win the siege the guild master's official seal should be registered in the pedestral located at the dragon tower and if it succeeds the lord of a castle will be changed.
      • Only the guild master can stamp the official seal in pedestral.
      • To stamp press it for 30 seconds and if the 2 footholders that are needed for stamping is cancelled or the character gets killed the stamping will fail.
      • If there's a remaining time even if the stamping was successful, the battle will continue but the 2 camps of invading/defending team will be exchanged.
      • The guild with their official seal stamped at the end of the siege will be the lord of a castle.
  2. Warping in Loren

    The guild that owns the castle (including united guild) can warp through Loren canyon to go the castle.

    *Warp command cannot be used during the Siege Warfare but the defending team can warp if front of the castle by using "Town portal scroll".

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