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It's a fish that used to live in the deep-sea and became powerful by Hydra's magic. It's has sharp teeth and hard scale and its powerful tale is their special characteristic.

Monster that you see after passing the resting place.

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Level: 43
Life: 2500
Defense: 65
Defense Success Rate: 52
Damage: 130 - 140

Vepar used to be a mermaid but its appearance became strange and got powerful with Hydra's power.

Usually they stays in group and can attack the adventurers even from the far distance using splendid energy.

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Level: 45
Life: 3000
Defense: 70
Defense Success Rate: 58
Damage: 135 - 145

It is equipped with transparent blue armor and blue wing crossbow and does short-distance attack most of the time.

This monster is equipped with blue wing and can move fast using flippers.

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Level: 46
Life: 3500 
Defense: 75
Defense Success Rate: 64
Damage: 140 - 150

Great Bahamut
It's similar to Bahamut but has more powerful striking power and strength and attacks short-distance by group.

The monster used to live in Atlans that was mutated by Hydra's power.

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Level: 66
Life: 8000
Defense: 150
Defense Success Rate: 98
Damage: 210 - 230

Silver Valkerie
This monster has glowing silver body and can attack using Blue wing crossbow and powerful ice magic.

Silver Valkyrie is distributed throughout the middle part of Atlans.

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Level: 68
Life: 9000
Defense: 170
Defense Success Rate: 110
Damage: 230 - 260

Lizard King
It's a boss monster of Lizard Man and has a shape of standing lizard. Lizard King guards the final way to Hydra and stayed as a group. It gives powerful attack by using staff of resurrection and uses red lighting magic.

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Level: 70
Life: 10000
Defense: 180
Defense Success Rate: 115
Damage: 240 - 270

Hydra was the Kundun's right-hand man worked as his subordinate but after stealing Kundun's sealed stone it stays hidden in Atlans.

Hydra stays at the end of Atlans and has deformed huge body with 4 sea worms on the head.
The powerful energy wave fired by Hydra is a total attack that will cause an enormous damage around it.

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Level: 74
Life: 20000
Defense: 200
Defense Success Rate: 125
Damage: 250 - 310